Warma-Uunit Oy

Warma-Uunit Oy is a family company in Uusikaupunki Finland, which produces element based fireplaces.

Warma-Uunit has over 30 years of experience in developing and producing fireplaces. It all started with the traditional brickwork and part components, which evolved to producing of the capacitive fireplaces in 1999. The fireplace foundry was founded in the naturally beautiful archipelago scene of Pyhämaa where the company’s frame foundry is still located.

In the year 2006 Warma-Uunit started to produce their own mold tiles. The tile factory was founded in Uusikaupunki. The mold tile factory produces Finnish and timelessly fashionable tiles.

The office in Uusikaupunki later became the head office for Warma-Uunit and it also includes the factorys assembly hall, dispatch department and the exhibition space for sales. There you can also get to know our excellent collection. The head office is located in the city center of Uusikaupunki.


Warma-Uunit combines the traditional and generational know-how of stoves, modern technology, product development and today’s technical and aesthetical requirements for a fireplace.

Warma-Uunit is a 100% finnish product.

Warma-Uunit has brought a high-quality and efficient fireplace collection, which offers choices for all needs and tastes. The collection of Warma-Uunit is very broad and easily changeable. It is very easy to find the perfect fireplace for every destination. The collection includes fireplaces in five different size categories, stoves, and return air fireplaces.

You can also choose the have a cooking stove with the fireplace or you can have the fireplace as a space divider or even two-sided. This enables the heat to be shared for two spaces or rooms.

Warma-Uunit has a nationwide retail network. You can find the retailers contact information here