Heat-storing fireplaces17

Heat-storing stoves

Our heat-storing stoves are produced in Uusikaupunki from Finnish materials. Even the beautiful design-tiles comes from our own ceramic factory. With us you can customize your own stove, start planning by using our 3D fireplace studio!

Convection air fireplaces6

Convection air stoves

Warma-Uunit has a KIT-collection, which includes high-quality fireplace inserts combined with our own heat-storing shell. Our heat-storing convection air stove is great choice if you prefer fast and long-lasting warmth, it's perfect stove e.g. for summerhouse. Because the heat-storing shell stove stays warm for a long time, even up to 12 hours. Warma-Uunit uses only high-quality CE-marked fireplace inserts in stoves. Heat-storing shell elements are produced in our own factory in Finland.  

Wood burning cookers4

Wood burning cookers

Our wood burning cookers are produced in Uusikaupunki from Finnish materials. Even the beautiful design-tiles comes from our own ceramic factory. Cookers are made in two different sizes, Serafiina is bigger one and Sofia hers little sister.

Lotus stoves0

Lotus stoves

Over the years, Lotus has focused on manufacturing products of the highest quality. Lotus manufactures solid and lasting products, which come with a ten-year warranty. Spare parts and wearing parts are available for 20 years as you are buying a quality product, which is designed to last. Lotus-stoves can be found in our online shop here. LOTUSlogo

Fireplace inserts13

Fireplace inserts

Fireplace insert must be surrounded with an incombustible casing, which is equipped with convection air inlets and outlets (for convection air heating and cooling the insert) Casing can be made of:
  • Light, heat reflecting material which stays colder on the surface and increases the temperature of convection air. (Peak power is high, but distributes heat only for a short period of time)
  • Heavy, heat storing material which becomes warm on the surface and prolongs the heating period. (Peak power is lower, but distributes heat for a much longer period of time)Both casing materials are available from us, with or without installation. See all fireplace insert models from KFD's websites.

Lotus fireplace cassettes0

Lotus fireplace cassettes

Lotus fireplace cassettes are created in close partnership with architects, designers, engineers and suppliers all over the world. Lotus combines Danish design traditions with the best quality components which are sourced worldwide. Lotus fireplace cassettes can be found in our online shop here. LOTUSlogo

KFD stoves3

KFD stoves

Warma-Uunit imports KFD stoves, which are efficient and durable cast iron stoves. They are based on 5260 and 5270 collections's fireplace inserts, which have excellent quality-price ratio. KFD stoves are available with traditional legs or with a stylish bench. Stoves have numerous versions, which open up the fire view for one, two or three sides. 5260 collection's stove is even available as a version, which opens up the fire view to all four directions!

Yard products4

Now you can also get yard products from Warma-Uunit! Our yard products include grills and robber's roast stoves. Warma yard grill and robber's roast stoves are 100% finnish production.