Aulikki Kakluuni

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  1. General Details

    Heat-storing stove Aulikki Kakluuni

    A gorgeous and stylish round tiled stove! An external air inlet improves the functioning of stove in challenging environments (for example modern buildings with airtight structure and mechanical ventilation creating negative indoor pressure).

    Note! We always recommend top or upper back flue connection for our fireplaces. Basic model includes double circulation and ignition damper.

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    Energialuokka A+

  2. Technical information

    Weight: ca. 1 350 kg
    Height: ca. 2 100 mm
    Heating area: 50 – 100 m²
    Flue size: min. ⌀ 150 mm, or “half-brick”, T400

    Double circulation and ignition damper included

  3. Accessories

    Height addition (100 mm / up to 2300 mm)
    External air inlet
    Pellet burner

    Ask about other accessories from you retailer.

  4. Coating and door choices

    Door color choices

    Tile colors

    Other colors available by custom-order, ask your dealer for more information.
    Note! Crackle might appear on tiled surfaces, it’s a natural feature of the glazing.

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