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  1. General Details

    KFD ECO LUX 5270 LR – fireplace insert for convection air fireplace, glass on three sides

    Fireplace insert must be surrounded with an incombustible casing, which is equipped with convection air inlets and outlets (for convection air heating and cooling the insert)

    Casing can be made of:

    • Light, heat reflecting material which stays colder on the surface and increases the temperature of convection air. (Peak power is high, but distributes heat only for a short period of time)
    • Heavy, heat storing material which becomes warm on the surface and prolongs the heating period. (Peak power is lower, but distributes heat for a much longer period of time)

    Both casing materials are available from us, with or without installation.

  2. Technical information
    • Weight: 100 kg
    • Nominal output: 12 kW
    • Power zone: 12-14 kW
    • Heating area: 220-380 m³