Serafiina with cast iron oven

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  1. General Details

    Wood burning cooker Serafiina with cast iron oven

    Serafiina is the heart of the kitchen. Quickly heating cooker is good for baking as well as cooking. Because Serafiina has up to 800 kg heat-storing mass, it heats the house effectively and for a long time.

  2. Technical information
    • Weight: ca. 800 kg
    • Height: ca. 870-900 mm
    • Heating area: 30 – 60 m²
    • Stove top: 960 x 630 + 60 mm
    • Flue size: min. ø 150 mm or “half-brick”, T400 (Building Control can have area-specific extra requirements concerning chimneys temperature class. Contact your local Building Control for more information)

    Mirrored version also available.
    Stove door handedness can be switched.

  3. Accessories
    • External air inlet
  4. Coating choices

    In our cookers we do use Pukkila’s 200×250 mm sized tiles, corner tiles are produced in our own ceramic factory.

    Pukkilan laatat suunnitellaan Suomessa

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