Sofia without an oven

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  1. General Details

    Heat-storing small cooker Sofia without cast iron oven

    Heat-storing small stove Sofia heats up the room quickly and stores heat for a long time.

  2. Technical information
    • Weight: ca. 550 kg
    • Height: ca. 870-900 mm
    • Heating area: 20 – 40 m²
    • Stove top: 700 x 460 + 60 mm
    • Flue size: min. ø 150 mm or “half-brick”, T400 (Building Control can have area-specific extra requirements concerning chimneys temperature class. Contact your local Building Control for more information)

    Mirrored version also available.
    Stove door handedness can be switched.

  3. Accessories
    • External air inlet
  4. Coating choices

    In our cookers we do use Pukkila’s 200×250 mm sized tiles, corner tiles are produced in our own ceramic factory.

    Pukkilan laatat suunnitellaan Suomessa

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